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1968 Mercury Montclair 390 2V C6

It's a rare Montclair with the late year optional Marquis style roof.
Bought it with the intention to keep it, but changed plans.
Owned from summer 2008 to spring 2009

1970 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Convertible 351C 4V FMX,
also named "Goldie"

This is a sweet cat, fully optioned and with a dark brown leather interior it had everything I wanted.
The powerful engine made this a fast car and it is probably one of the funniest cars I have driven.

Bought it winter 2007, sold in the fall 2008

1970 Cougar std coupe 351 2V FMX.

Here is another one I should have kept, but I did not realize how nice it was before it was too late and I had promised someone that I would sell it. It was a totally original California car with a mint interior.
This is one of the cars that barely put its tires on my ground before it went away again.

1949 Merury 8 coupe.

This is probably the car I should never have bought. It looked so nice in picures, but it sure had some surprises waiting for me.
I did not want to spend all the time and money restoring it to the condition I like, so I decided to take a huge loss and let her go to someone else with more interest in these old cruisers than I have.
1959 Mercury Park Lane convertible 430 Mercomatic

I owned this car from 1999 til 2007.
It went through an extensive
restoration process from 2000 to 2005
You can see the pictures from the restoration
1969 lincoln Mark 3 460 4V C6

I bought this car as a fixer upper with the engine in pieces in the trunk, fixed it and sold it. These cars are nice drivers, but they just can't make my heart beat faster.

Had it from the winter 2007 to the fall same year.
1978 Mercury Marquis 2d (Grandma') 460 4V C6

I found this big Mercury for sale in Michigan and liked it so much that I ended up buying it. I had it in Indianapolis, IN for a
year, then took it to Norway.
I decided to let it go to a better home in 2006.
1968 Mercury Cyclone 390 4V C6

what a nice car. This has the most beautiful fastback body lines that the late 60's could offer.

1966 Mercury Park Lane convertible bucket seat. 410 4V C6

I bought this car in 1998 in Indanapolis and drove it almost 4000 miles in the US on my vacation before it was shipped back to Norway. I had no intention to sell it, but ended up doing so anyway. I still regret it. It was a reliable and nice car with a big soul.
1961 Mercury Monterey convertible. 352 Mercomatic Multidrive

This is the car that started my facination for Mecury. I Bought it at age 16, restored it and sold it 4 years later.
It had a 352 engine, multidrive transmission, power steering and power brakes. I had a lot of fun with this car.
When I last saw it in the summer of 2008 it still had the same paint job as I gave it back in 1980.
This car was used in the Norwegian movie "Julia, Julia" and has been presented in car magazines in Norway and Sweden.
1968 Mercury Marquis 390 4V C6

A very original car with almost every option available. Bought it in Arizona 2003 and sold it to get money for new projects.
1961 Mercury Monterey 2d ht 352 Multidrive Mercomatic.

This Mercury was a one owner low miles car from California. I bought it in the late 80's and restored it to better than new condition. A very nice car that was sold when I bought my home and needed money to build my garage.
1966 Mercury Park Lane 2d ht 428 4V C6

Another one owner car that I restored and sold. I never drove it much, but I remember it was very fast. It had a very special history, sold new in Ancorage, Alaska and was kept by the same owner until she died and I bought it. The car was white with a white vinyl top and before I restored it. It had a very unique and the rare factory maroon leather interior. I sold it just because someone wanted it more than me and had the money to pay for it.
Here are some of the classic cars I have owned in the past. Some I had for years, some were barely parked outside my home.